Monday, June 6, 2011

FINISHED! La Fin! Termine! Fertig! DONE!

I know, I probably massacred the above translations.  Please don't send me nasty emails!  I am just so pleased to announce...(more for my benefit than yours)... that three of the things on my New Year's "To Do List" are checked off!  Remember this post?  Well, I read once that if you announce your intentions and goals, you are more likely to stick to them and accomplish them!  Happily, my son finished his eagle project, my etsy shop is up and running, and my book will be available this fall! (more on that later)


For Ryan's Eagle Scout project, he decided to paint a map of the United States on a local school playground.  It has been a long process, with much help and prodding along the way.  After all of the hard work and planning, I will never forget how happy he was with his accomplishment.  As he finished painting, he kept saying, "This looks really good!"  I think he surprised himself with the results!  I had wanted him to complete it before he got into High school when I knew things would get really busy.  He has never been overly thrilled about scouting, but I see the good that has come from the program.  He has been challenged, learned leadership, and done hard things.


We'll have one more Eagle project to work on in the next couple of years for Ty, and I am already brainstorming ideas!  If you have any for me, please, pass them on!
And, as for my other New Year's goals?  Well, I'm sure we will forever be trying to tackle the healthy food and early bed time routines, working on growing spiritually, and trying to carry on during the storms of life... but, at least we're still here, and we're still trying!  Have a great week!


  1. It looks sooo good! Yay for Ty (and mom!)

  2. Amazing!!!! Your whole family is so chock full of talent :)

  3. Ryan, we are very proud of you! Thanks for the post, Robyn. The project looks fabulous, I can't wait to see it in person

  4. The project looks fabulous, I can't wait to see it in person! It is much larger than I invisioned. We are very proud of you, Ryan. Thanks for the post Robyn

  5. That is a wonderful idea! I can't believe Ryan is working on Eagle's! Good job guys!!

  6. Yeah Ryan! Sawyer is just becoming a star but we are already thinking of what he could do for his eagle. Like Ryan he's not that in love with scouts, but he does enjoy the hiking and outdoors stuff. Congrats to you and Scott too--I know how hard you guys had to work to motivate and organize!


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