Friday, June 17, 2011

How to make a vintage soda bottle pop necklace

Remember Jane?  Today, she is showing off a strawberry soda pop bottle necklace that I made.  On a trip to Savannah, Georgia, I picked up this vintage pop top at a fun boutique for pennies.  My sister in law was with me, and she picked up a bunch to make into refrigerator magnets (another fun idea!)  I thought it was so cute, that I decided to make it into a pendant.  I already had a chain (sometimes I use the same chain, and then just switch my pendants out).  Simply take a hammer and a skinny nail to puncture a hole at the top of the bottle top.  Thread a "jump ring" through it, and slip on the chain!  You can find jump rings in the jewelry section at Walmart or any craft store.  Usually they come several to a package for less than a few dollars.  You can use the others for any other project you come up with later on.


Check out these fun bottle tops!  I especially like the turquoise cream soda one...

#BC116 - Group of 10 SunCrest Plastic Lined Cream Soda Bottle Caps#BC057 - Lemon & Lime Soda Cap#BC028 - Group of 10 Diet Sun Drop Cola Cork Lined Caps

What about a making a charm bracelet with them?  They would be perfect for that.  It is lightweight, so sometimes the pendant gets turned around to the cork side,  I think I will glue something to the back of it such as a magnet or coin, and then cover it with a little piece of cute scrapbook paper.  Do you have any other ideas?

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