Saturday, July 30, 2011

I’m standing on my soapbox

the trap

We talk to our children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but there is more we need to warn them about.  Children, yes, children as young as 8 years old are becoming addicted to pornography.  Pornography destroys self esteem, distorts healthy views of sexuality, and destroys marriages and families.  It becomes a real chemical addiction and can eventually lead to criminal behavior, job loss, and all of the other effects of slavery from addictions.   It is a multi billion dollar industry targeting innocent victims.  It's time to talk to our children...and keep talking...especially when pornography is so easily accessed at the click of a button.  How many of our kids have iphones or other easy access to the internet?  I bought this wonderful children's book called The Trap to assist me in teaching my children.  It is a Christian book, and is very well done.  You can buy the book here or here.

I found that before we had this talk, I needed to talk to my children about sex before the world did.  My husband and I talked to our children when they turned 8, and made a special event of it.  We took them out to dinner and based our discussion off of this wonderful resource.  Hopefully that link works.  If not, it is How to talk to your child about sex by Linda and Richard Eyre. (they are amazing~they have a great site that I will tell you about later)  We must teach our children early.

Here is a whole list of rresources for preventing pornography problems & dealing with problematic sexual behavior.  Unfortunately we cannot wish these issues away or pretend they don't affect us or our families or communities.  We must be vigilant to educate ourselves and teach our children and those around us.  It is time to stand up and fight.  I will be organizing (with the help of a local senior high school student who is just as passionate as I am about the subject) a 5K Run/walk for awareness for the spring of 2012 in Nazareth, PA.  It will be a "Run for Virtue".  The lack of virtue is becoming a big problem in society.  We stand for abstinence before marriage, fidelity after marriage, and combating porn.  The run will be before the high school prom.  We stand for anything that is clean, wholesome and virtuous.  If you will be in the area and would like to be a part of the event, please email me at  We will be looking for support in many ways.  A website will be coming soon...

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  1. Robyn,
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for addressing such a sensitive manner in a such a wonderful way here on your blog!! Wish I lived closer so I walk with you guys next spring!:) Keep up the good fight!:)


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