Monday, August 1, 2011

accessorizing the outside of your home


Aren't we lucky?  We own a home with a septic system. :)  Therefore, we have a large, round ,concrete, cap to the system right smack in the middle of the backyard.  It has to be accessible, so unfortunately there is not much that I can do to disguise it.  So, when I found this concrete decorative pedestal at a yard sale, I knew right where it was going to go!

Remember this post?

With just a little bit of thought, you can repurpose all kinds of things to dress up the outside of your home.

I found this beautiful, vintage, white iron chair for just a few dollars.  There was a bare spot in the front of my house that I felt could use some dressing up, so I decided to put the chair there. I like how it ads a little bit of architectural interest to the spot.  Sometimes we spend a lot of time accessorizing the inside of our homes, that we neglect the outside!


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