Saturday, August 27, 2011

something little, with BiG impact

We live in a world where women's bodies are objectified, and the miraculous body in general is abused, defaced, and mistreated.  I fear that our children are growing up not respecting their bodies because the focus is not where it should be. (be it through media, magazines, cartoons, tv, talk from peers etc.)  On a whim the other day, I decided it was going to be "eye appreciation day".

I just scribbled the above note on a piece of paper, folded it in half and propped it up in the center of the kitchen table.  I didn't say a word to the kids, but they noticed.  Then at dinner, I had them eat with their eyes closed.  It was difficult, and we all appreciated our eyes so much more!  We had a great discussion about it.  The kids said, "Mom,  that was a great idea!"

Soon we will have elbow appreciation day!  (we will have to eat without bending our elbows!)  And then, we will focus on other parts of our amazing bodies in an effort to give them the respect they need!  I hope my kids will continue to grow to love their bodies through this activity and want to take good care of them.  The other day I thought...."Wow, my feet have been through a lot in these 30 something years!  Think about how they have supported my body since I started walking~and look at how many steps I have taken since!

Have a great weekend.


  1. What a great idea! I think we forget how important our bodies are and worry too much about what we look like compared to others. This sounds like a great idea for kids to learn to appreciate their bodies!

  2. What a neat idea!
    Jacqueline (visiting from TT and J)

  3. So very, very clever Robyn.
    I'll be discussing this with Captain V and will look forward to sharing it with the Gifts.

    Happy weekend Lovely,

    xx Felicity

  4. What a great idea Robyn! And you are so right...the media has made us focus on our bodies in such a negative way and unfortunately that is what we see day in and day out. Giving your kids a different focus, is a fantastic idea!

  5. Fun! You know Matt would love this special day!!
    Can't wait to see u guys!


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