Friday, September 2, 2011

how to cover lamp shades with cute fabric


For this project you will need lamp shades (I picked up these two plain white lamp shades at a yard sale this summer) fabric, fabric scissors, glue spray adhesive, and a glue gun.  


First, cut a big rectangular piece of fabric for each shade.  Make sure that it is big enough to wrap around the shade with some extra fabric to spare.



Working in sections, and starting with the front of the shade (seam in back), spray the adhesive onto shade and place center of fabric down.  Lightly press fabric with the palm of your hand and fingers from the center to the outside edges of shade to "push out" any air pockets.


You will see that I didn't have enough fabric, because I was trying to use up some fabric scraps that I already had.  So after spray gluing the fabric down, I had to cut an extra triangle from another remnant to cover up the uncovered part of the shade.


Cut off the extra fabric from the top and bottom of shade.  I started with cutting a 1/4" inch, and then did a little bit more to be able to fold it and hot glue it just over the lip (edges) of the shade.  However much you cut, be sure that it is the same amount all the way around for consistency and a clean line.  Especially if your lamp will be on a mantle or something and you will be able to see underneath the shade.



I have big plans for these shades!  A lot of redecorating going on over here at my house.  It won't be long (hopefully) and you can see what I did with them!


  1. A really neat idea, can't wait to see where you put them! Love the color and fabric!

  2. I love covered lampshades! Makes a huge difference on a lamp. Love that fabric. Mimi


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