Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I’m still here…

 holding my baby sister
I've just been a little preoccupied!


Every time I attempt to organize photos and put them into albums, we move.  So after 5 years of staying put, I decided it was time to tackle them again with the hope that we'll stay here for now.  It has been a miraculous process.  (I seriously prayed for God's help)  I have had every photo in my entire house all over my piano room floor for over a month now.  My poor kids had to dodge all the photos whenever they wanted to get to the piano to earn their candy!!  I have organized photos into Eighteen albums and scrapbooks!!! (by no means anything fancy...yet still attractive)

I started with organizing photos and documents from my ancestors, redid my scrapbook and wedding album onto acid free paper, finished the kids' baby books and photos from pre-digital camera days, and created family albums.  I wanted them to be able to pull them off the book shelf and look at them before they left for college!  Today I am completing my last one.  My goal was to have the room cleaned up before I start teaching piano lessons.  I start teaching tomorrow, and it will be done!

In addition, I have been doing some projects around the house, organizing my home, and keeping up with school and church activities.  Today, Ryan started an early morning New Testament class with his peers from church. He goes every day for an hour before school starts.  I am so excited about this opportunity that he has to learn from the scriptures the words of God and how they pertain to him personally!  My husband learned how to make a fast sausage egg muffin-I'm thinking we'll be making a lot of those with a 5 a.m. wake up call.  He also had his first cross country meet of the season.



These kids amaze me...running every day, sometimes 5 or more miles, and even in the rain.  Speaking of rain, I better go change out the drip pans in our fireplace, since we found out last night we have a leak!  Life is always full of surprises.  :)


  1. I have a million photos as well that are just in boxes....maybe once we move, next year, for the last time, I will do the same! Good luck with that! :-)


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