Tuesday, November 1, 2011

After the Before...Part 2


Yesterday was the before, and here is the after with a few coats of white paint and a little accessorizing! I painted the desk and chair the same white as my wall so that it wouldn't stand out too much.  The frame you see is actually plastic.  I picked the frame and scissors up for around $2 each at two different yard sales this summer.  The phone?  I did splurge on that from Pottery Barn~I have a thing for old phones!  I knew I had scored on the scissors because I had seen other enlarged office supplies in my favorite catalogs.  Such as these $35 safety pins from Ballard Designs!

Set of 3 Safety Pin Plaques

Laundry Giclee

The lighting on this side of my house is horrible for photos, but trust me, it turned out quite cute!


The scissors got a makeover first too.  This is what they looked like when I bought them-


I kept the handles cream.  I covered them with tin foil, and then sprayed them with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

They turned out a little too dark and for my liking, so to add a little dimension, I lightly sprayed over some of the darker areas with this satin nickel spray paint.


These "rare" pottery barn scissors selling for $75 here.


I like mine better! :)  They're pretty fun, because they actually open and close.  I haven't tried to cut with them yet though.  Since this photo, I have accessorized the desk with a family photo in a black frame, and a pumpkin for fall.  I get bored easily, so I am always switching things up!  You just never know what you will find at yard sales!


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