Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good bye rats’ nests in my girl’s hair!!!!

 We tried EVERYTHING!  We went through multiple special treatments at the hair dresser's...put a filter on the shower head...researched remedies online...and tried just about every product imaginable.  When she was little, her long hair was so beautiful and soft.  Now it is so thick and fine, and we were constantly battling rats nests...especially at the nape of her neck.  It didn't matter how often we brushed it, or how much conditioner we used, nothing worked!

Then...while I was at Walmart, I was looking for a new product to try, and the worker in that department told me the secret!  It is Aussie MOIST conditioner.   And we haven't had a problem since!  Thank you Walmart lady!  I don't have to torture my daughter anymore, and she can brush her own hair again!  I had threatened to cut her long hair so many times.  Now we don't have to, and it looks beautiful!  Apparently it comes in a bigger, cheaper package, but they were out of it at the time.  So I will be checking back, and stocking up!  If you have the same struggle, you must give it a try.  Just make sure to get the product that says MOIST in blue.  Happy Day!
Moist Conditioner

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I have threatened to cut Sarah's hair many times too. This was the wildest of my purchases in the quest for no tangles: And no, it didn't work.


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