Monday, May 21, 2012

Need to bring A LOT of cupcakes to the party?

Memorial day is coming up, and cupcakes with little flags are the perfect treat for a picnic!
But how to transport them can be a little tricky...especially when you are bringing lots of cupcakes.  So let me tell you about a great solution!


My husband (at my request) originally made this cheap wooden box out of 1"x 4"s and a piece of square plywood to set upside down on a huge terracotta pot on my patio.  The idea was that I would paint it, and it would make a great out door end table.  But I ended up not using it because I found this fine little treasure instead.   I just couldn't throw it away, so it just sat in my basement.


Then, I realized it would make a great cupcake carrier.  It seems I am always bringing cupcakes to parties, and it is hard to transport large quantities without smashing them.  I decided that if I painted it in cute colors, it could also be used to display the cupcakes at the party along with transporting them.

So with the same paint from this recent project, I painted the sides robin's egg blue, and the inside cream (with leftover paint from other previous projects).  I decided on this color combination because I always drive past a cute little house in town with a vintage looking wooden porch swing that is cream with the same blue trim...and I love it!

Cupcakes are an inexpensive treat.  I love frosting them as I showed you in this post.  However, now I use the biggest "star" decorating tip I can find.  I like the look better.


These went to my son's Eagle Scout court of honor...


But only after I posted them with little toothpick flags from Hobby Lobby!


If you want to make your own, my box measured 22" x 22" and fits 36 cupcakes.  Or, you could make one any size you want!


  1. Great color and looks so sturdy! I like it

  2. So they don't move at all? Such a great idea!!!

  3. NOPE! They don't move at all! I just covered the top with plastic wrap, and they rode in the back of the car all the way to the court of honor and didn't move an inch. (My husband is not the most careful driver either!) The base was not sanded-and the piece was so sturdy that that may have been the reason why.

  4. So glad to see an Eagle Scout! Of all the blogs I read, yours is the first Eagle Scout I've read about. Please share about the COH. Our fourth son is 9 months away from aging out w/ Camping/Personal Man. and project ahead. No pressure! His older three brothers received their Eagle. Love the box - great touch.

  5. Hi Lisag,
    Thanks! Yes, I am so glad he is done. I didn't have to do much for the court of honor, because he was recognized with four other boys. We all waited to do it together. It was a potluck, and we planned it together. That is great that his older brothers already received their Eagle! We have one more to go!

  6. Great color!! It is very beautiful.

  7. Great color!! It is very beautiful.


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