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Word of Wisdom Challenge for Weight Loss

Here it is!  I told you I would share the secret to successfully losing weight and staying healthy!  Best of all, the plan comes from God, not man...and He knows what He is talking about!  Why did I not trust Him before?  It really works!  I am losing weight, and my friend, her husband, and mother have lost up to 30 lbs over the last couple of years, with up to 10 lbs in a couple of weeks.  Read on to view the plan as well as some recipe tips for enjoying fruits, veggies, lean meats, dairy, and whole grains.  

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Word of Wisdom Challenge

Daily Eating Consists of:

3 servings of whole grains rich in fiber and protein (at least 3gms of each) *one at each meal

As much fruits and vegetables as desired

1-2 servings of lean protein (i.e. meat (3oz), eggs, cheese (1oz))

Healthy fats found in olive oil, nuts, avocado, fish okay

No calorie dressings and seasonings okay (stay away from artificial sweeteners)
Low sugar, minimal processed foods
Plenty of Water to drink ( add lemon for flavor if desired)

Schedule of Meals: Calories
7-7:30 Breakfast 300-400
9:30 Snack 100
11:30 Snack 100
1:00 Lunch 300-400
3:00 Snack 100
5:00 Snack 100
6:30 Dinner 500
Total 1500-1700

*Times can be tweaked for your schedule but remember, it is good to eat every couple of hours through-out the day so your body is consistently fueled. This helps maintain energy and an active metabolism. Do not eat too late in the evening so that your body/metabolism has a chance to rest.

*Two weeks of strict WW Challenge, then two weeks of “maintaining” where you can add some favorites back into the menu plan (i.e. low-fat dairy, low-fat dressings, small dessert, etc.)

*Repeat this schedule until you are at the desired health and weight for your body size/type. Then continue a healthy eating plan with the WW Challenge as a base. (May want to do a few times a year)

*Program works best when combined with a regular exercise program and 8 hours of sleep each night.

Here are some Tasty Tips
(the secret to enjoying your healthy food is knowing how to make it taste good)

Okay, so a little olive oil makes veggies taste great, and breaks down the fat.

Try sauteing fresh green beans in a little oil with a tablespoon of chopped almonds or pecans

Toast a slice of whole grain bread.  Brush with a little olive oil.  Add your favorite fresh salsa and a little low fat cheese (provolone cheese).  Broil for a minute= bruschetta

Or toast and broil with 97% fat free ham or turkey

Buy a rotisserie chicken.  Skin it, and add the lean chicken to whole grain sandwiches (such as whole wheat sandwich thins), pitas, or tortillas with fresh spinach and tomatoes.

Brown some lean ground beef. Add a little taco seasoning.  Add it to a whole grain tortilla with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa.

When you crave something sweet...mash a banana (fresh or frozen) with a tablespoon or two of baking cocoa.

Eat a "rainbow" of fruits and veggies

Saute fresh bagged spinach in a fry pan with a little olive oil, vinegar, and fresh chopped garlic until slightly cooked.

Buy whole grain pasta!  Top with tomato sauce, and maybe sauteed spinach

Add shrimp to whole grain pasta with a little olive oil and fresh herbs

Make fruit smoothies and add flax seed

Steam broccoli and cauliflower and add a little olive oil, salt, and pepper

Check whole grain labels and make sure the fiber and protein are above 3 grams.  Also, make sure it doesn't say "enriched" wheat flour.  You want whole wheat.

Oatmeal with topped with fresh fruits and a little cinnamon

Squeeze the juice of a lemon in fry pan.  Add a little olive oil, fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, and basil or oregano.  May add shrimp. Serve over a serving of whole grain thin spaghetti or angel hair pasta.

Saute mushrooms and peppers and add to fajitas (in whole grain tortilla)

chew sugar free gum in between meals

Marinate meat in Walden Farms Calorie Free balsamic vinaigrette.  A serving size of meat is 3 oz. = size of a deck of cards or bar of soap

Jimmy Dean premium original reduced fat sausage with an egg on whole grain toast and a slice of low fat cheese

Add a little vinegar and olive oil mix to fresh salads

To make dinner preparation easier, have your kids eat the same dinner as you, but let them eat different breakfasts and lunches

Look for jellies that have fruit juice concentrate added (such as pear concentrate) instead of sugar to top your whole grain toast.  There is a really good organic peach jelly (brand Little Barn where I live)

Some whole grain corn chips are ok with salsa with 2 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber.  Check the international foods section of grocery store

Don't forget eggs.  An egg with fresh salad or asparagus and whole grain toast

*Food is good and meant to be enjoyed!  Make it a priority to search for the best tasting fruits, veggies, and grains.  Watch your portion sizes.  Slow down as you eat and ENJOY every bite!  Think about the taste and textures of the food while you are eating.  That's what the French do-and look at how trim they are!

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