Friday, June 22, 2012

The chalkboard’s new home... and my special rock


Remember my kitchen remodel?  The before, and if you missed it...the after.  Anyway, I had to take down my favorite chalkboard.  Everyone loved it, including me.  It was the first thing they noticed when they came into my kitchen.  So, I instead of getting rid of it, I found a new my "sun room"...


I had to move down my Le Jardin frames which was kind of a pain, but I couldn't get rid of those either. I love the end result!  Now, look to the right of the buffet in the above photos.  I have this old wooden CD tower.  The shelves are perfect for displaying small pieces.

So I dug up something special that my grandmother gave me not too long ago.  (Not the bird, I think that came from  the Dollar Tree a few years ago.  You might have one also!)

It is a rock.  Yes.  A rock.
But a special rock.

It belonged to my grandmother, and I remember studying it in her family room whenever I visited her house as a little girl.  It came from the Missouri River, and has a miniature scene painted on it.  I always wondered how anyone could possibly paint something that small.  Now I know the history.  


My grandparents' friend painted it for them.  It is a painting of my grandma and grandpa floating in their boat on the Missouri River in 1979!  I remember that they liked to fish.  Grandma said that particular scene was from a 7 day float trip.

Look closely,  I upped the contrast level.  Can you see the little gray boat with two people in it?  I love it.  And it looks like it's raining!  It is a treasure to me.


I'm starting to become a little more sentimental.  Is it age, or is it hormones, or both?

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  1. I remember the rock, we will have to make sure Grandma sees his post. Very special in a beautiful homey room!


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