Monday, September 3, 2012

Cape May, New Jersey


The weekend before school started, we took one last family vacation to the Victorian Beach town of Cape May, New Jersey.  The old Victorian homes have been so well preserved and beautifully maintained.  It was interesting to learn that while these homes are so colorfully adorned with various gingerbread house details, they were originally painted in neutral colors.


The ornate homes lined every street, so this craftsman style home stuck out like a sore thumb.
I love the simple lines and perfect symmetry...down to the rocking chairs.


We stayed in a friend's beach house.  It was only half a block from the beach!


This is the back of the home where we stayed.  It was one of the "Seven Sisters"...Originally seven identical Victorian homes (rumor has it it was built for seven sisters) that have since been painted to look quite different.  Most have been remodeled and turned into beach rentals.


See how similar they look except for the colors?


We stayed in the bottom portion of the house.

We were a block away from the Washington Mall.  An outdoor mall with unique shops.


Here is my favorite shop!  Bath Time.  I couldn't take pictures inside, but I soaked in every decorating detail,determined to redecorate my home to match the store!  Black and White checkerboard floor, and a neutral garden like theme.  Okay.  See those rubber duckies in the upstairs window as well as to the right of the door?  They were huge!  Maybe 12 " long! So cute.


Displayed in a vintage, white, clawfoot tub.


I fell in love with the orange, red, and yellow flower.  It is called Lantana.  Whenever I see them, I think I need to plant some, but I never do.  Next year maybe?  The shop owner said that they bloom until Christmas there!  (But they don't keep them that long).


A stop at an old lighthouse...

Don't look down!  :)


If you do go to Cape May, you must eat at Lucky Bones, shop at West End Garage, and eat a hot dog at Hot Dog Tommy's.  If you're lucky, you will be there when Tommy is -you can't miss him with his stuffed hot dog hat. :)

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