Saturday, October 6, 2012

flea market vintage fan makeover


I thought I would share with you my fan makeover.  You know, the one that I posted about here.
I just knew from the moment that I saw it, that it would be perfect in black.  So, I lightly spray painted it a couple of coats of cheap, black Walmart spray paint.  It turned out great, except I had to spray paint the green cord also, and it remains a bit tacky since that part isn't metal.   That's okay, though, because it will be hidden behind the table.



What do you think?  Do you like? :)  Right now it is sitting up in the guest room.  You may remember that room from my post on decorating with sheets.  I have big plans for that room and the black window that I picked up at the same flea market.  I have a carpenter coming over on Monday to take a look at my idea, and if it amounts to anything, I will share it with you then!

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