Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Home Sweet Home" Sign Made from a Clock


Hi everyone.  We survived the hurricane with only minimal home damage, and a power outage for a couple of days.  That was rough, but nothing compared to what the people are going through now in New Jersey and New York.  Anyway, this past week has made me extremely grateful for a warm home, lights, hot showers and good food to eat.

Speaking of home,  I saw the sign below at Hobby Lobby.  (It is a poor picture because I took it with my phone).  I really liked it, but I didn't like the $20 price tag.  So,  I started dreaming up ways to make my own.


To replicate it, I went in search of a clock that I could use.  I found the perfect one at the Christmas Tree Store.  It was brown, but I knew I could easily spray paint it black.


The best part was the price.  It said $5.99, but when I went to check out, they
told me it was on sale for $1.49!


I unscrewed the clock from the box, and took the pieces out of it.


Grace promptly requested the clock hands to make something with.  :)


After disassembling, I took it outside for a quick spray coat of black Walmart paint.


Then I took some gray scrapbook paper, and cut a circle the same size as the clock face.


I printed off the words "HOME SWEET HOME", and made sure the font was the
right size to fit the "frame"


I used the same method as the Halloween Silhouettes that I did here to transfer the letters
to the card stock.  (If your clock is smaller than mine, it would be much easier to just print
the saying on a standard 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper.  My clock was bigger, so I had to use a piece
of 12 x 12" card stock that was too big for my printer.

After I transferred the letters, I filled them in with black paint.  If you would rather fill them in
with a black sharpie, that would work as well.


Then I used spray glue to tack it down into the "frame".  I cleaned and replaced the glass, and then
sat back and marveled at how much I liked it!  (Especially the price...$2.00 compared to $20.00!)



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