Friday, November 23, 2012

Sleigh Rides 25 cents


How was your Thanksgiving?  We usually spend the holiday with extended family, but we were by ourselves this year.  I must admit, I wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving to start putting up the Christmas decorations this year, but with the home tour less than a couple of weeks away, I just couldn't do it.  Oh well, I like to have a little longer to enjoy the holiday season anyway.

So, here is another take on my raspberry and pumpkin signs. (click on those links if you missed the tutorial)  This sign is my favorite of the three!  And, if you make one, you can leave it up all winter long...not just for Christmas. :)  I like those kind of decorations.


Here is a wordless tutorial...again, it is just like the other two signs except this time I painted the background white, and I threw some chains down on it to distress it and hit it with a screwdriver.  That was fun.


Enjoy the season!

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