Monday, January 21, 2013

IKEA Treasures & Table Display


While my parents were here over the holidays, we decided to make the one hour trek to check out the nearest IKEA store.  I think I had only been there once before, and my parents had never been.  We had so much fun shopping as well as eating lunch right there in the store!  Many of you know they are famous for their meatballs and reasonable meal prices.  We even got free dessert that day. :)

Near the end of our "tour"  I spotted my most favorite find of the day.  This blue tray.  I just had to have it!
I picked up a few other things, but this was by far my favorite.  I knew it would look great in the center of my kitchen table.

Remember my bargain salt and pepper shakers from this post?  The little, white square tray they sit on were from a yard sale.  The faux plant was also from Ikea, and so was the napkin holder.  I love them both.



Now we have a decorative, yet functional "set up" for everything we need during meal time.  No more leaving the table for napkins or salt and pepper.  And the candle warms it all up so nicely.  :)  Hope you are staying warm!

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