Saturday, September 21, 2013

$8.00 Fall hoodie upcycle

Good morning!  Just wanted to share a quick clothing upcycle with you.  (sorry, looks like I forgot to take a before photo!)  Do you ever shop in the boys' clothing section?!  I've found that older kids clothes can be a lot less expensive than small or even medium adult sizes.  I found an XL navy sweatshirt in the boys department at Walmart for around $8.00!

The only thing I didn't like about it was the boxy shape.  It was easy to fix, and only took a few minutes to taper the sides in. I tried it on, and pinched the edges so I would know how much I wanted to take it in.  I took a tape measure and measured how much I had "pinched" on each side.

Then I turned it in inside out, laid it down flat, and smoothed out any wrinkles.  I pinned the sides and drew lines with chalk the amount I had measured to take in.  

I sewed right along the chalk lines, removed the pins...

Then I cut about a 1/4" out from my new seam with pinking shears (leaving a new seam allowance)

Simple, easy, and less expensive.

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