Saturday, September 21, 2013

World Market finds~

We celebrated Grace's birthday yesterday with cupcakes in owl liners.  The liners came from World Market. while on our recent trip to Charlottesville, VA.  Of course, we had to have chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing~we just can't ever seem to deviate from standard chocolate!  (BTW, If you missed my post on how to frost cupcakes all fancy like, check it out here.)

When I spotted them, I knew I had to have them.  I love to collect fun cupcake liners.  I don't always use them, however, because they look so cute just sitting in my glass jar on the kitchen counter!

They remind me of the felted owl pattern I created a few years ago.  I taught a hand sewing class to a group of girls, and cut the pieces out of felt.  I glued all the parts together with fabric glue, and then the girls stitched the oval owl head together with blue embroidery floss.

So, while we were at World Market, Grace found an accordion.  She played with their demo one for the longest time.  She liked it so much, that my mom surprised her with it as a birthday gift.  She is just old enough to actually learn to play it and appreciate it.  Quite honestly, I was surprised she enjoyed it so much.  When she opened it at home, her brothers had to try their hand at it too!


I think this little red accordion is so cute and such a classic gift idea.  Maybe you will want to add it to your Christmas list this year for someone special!  :)  You can find it here.

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