Friday, October 11, 2013

spray paint magic

Remember my post about this metal compote that I picked up at a thrift store and spray painted red? Well, I decided to recycle it back to the thrift store because I am not decorating with as much red anymore. I threw it in the donate box, and then I realized that I could paint it again!  I pulled it out and gave it a makeover in gray!

I just realized that the black metal basket that holds the silver tray used to be red too!  I picked it up at TJ Maxx several years ago and eventually spray painted it black.  Oh, the miracle of spray paint.

My friend went on a trip to Ikea recently, and I asked her if she could pick up one of those $5.00 potted topiaries for me.  I love them.  She came back and the next day or so we went thrifting and to check out the habitat for humanity store.  She ended up giving me the topiary since I drove!  So sweet.

I put it in the pot that my old plant was in.  I didn't even need to take it out of the black pot...perfect fit. :)


  1. Looks great up there. I'm glad you mentioned the little topiary because Ikea is on my agenda in the next few days.

  2. Thanks Stacey. Have fun at Ikea!


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