Thursday, October 3, 2013

estate sale fun & my new green chair!

Believe it or not, after all of my many posts on yard sales and thrift store finds...I had never been to an estate sale until this fall!  I've been to auctions, but never estate sales.  And boy, was it fun!  I immediately spotted this green chair and loved it.  I was even more excited when she told me they were asking only $25.00.  It was in great vintage condition, and I decided it just had to come home with me. They tied it to my trunk with old telephone wire, and Grace and I nervously drove home!  I thought for sure the cop I passed was going to pull me over, but he didn't.

And, it matches my wall perfectly.  :)  I was pretty giddy over that chair when I brought it home.

Then, I found this Revere Wear sauce pan at a yard sale for around $7.00.  I love how the lid has holes and the pan has a spout for pouring.

This globe was $2.00 at another yard sale that morning...

I found this porcelain lamb.  I don't care for the paint and glaze on it, but for another $2.00 I figured I could experiment to find how to de glaze it and paint it to look more like cast iron, or my white bunny that I distressed here.  Any ideas on how to "de glaze"?  Someone told me Hobby Lobby has a product, but when I asked around there, they didn't know of any product to do what I was asking.

Look at this beautiful vintage tin picnic box.  I bought that at the estate sale with the chair.
I will probably list it in my shop in the spring.

Along with the sauce pot, I picked up this 3 piece steamer for $5.00, and the little nonstick fry pan for about $2.00 ( I think it was).  I actually used this pot to make that yummy artisan bread!  I wasn't sure if it would work, but I doubled the loaf so I needed an extra pot, and it did just fine.

The fry pan looked brand new.  I had been thinking of getting a new one because the non stick surface was starting to come off my old one.  And, for me, it is the perfect size to scramble just a couple of eggs for one kid at a time as they leave at different times throughout the morning.

I think I will have to check out more estate sales!


  1. Wow you have had some great finds. I love, love, love the chair. The perfect color for your room and the really like it's shape and the cute legs - what a steal

  2. You really scored with the chair and picnic tin...I just got back from a church sale, which I love too!

  3. Robyn, I just think you don't need that doesn't really look comfortable. Since I'm such a great friend, I'll take it off your hands. I'll even reimburse you the $25...😉 Hee hee


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