Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wedding Reception Decorating

Hello from icy Pennsylvania!  Did you hear about all of the snow and ice we got here yesterday?  The boys and I were shoveling ice chunks and slushy snow for what seemed like hours!  But, thankfully, a dear friend plowed the bottom of our driveway or it would have taken even longer.  My neighbor's roof looks like it has a 12 inch layer of smooth, sparkly styrofoam on top!  Icicles are dripping from the trees, and my bushes are splitting in half. The roads look great, so I'm not sure why my kids have off again today.  Maybe they couldn't dig the buses out.  At this rate, we will be in school until the end of July!  It sure is pretty though.  I'm not complaining...and I'm grateful I have power and food!

I'm helping a friend decorate for her daughter's wedding reception this weekend.  We came up with a vintage picnic type idea.  Her colors are blues/aquas and pink.  I made this sign with extra plywood from repairing our sub floor.

We'll have white tablecloths, with brown burlap, and blue mason jar centerpieces with fresh flowers like white tulips and baby's breath.  You know, baby's breath is making a come back!  I think it has to be used alone though.  The jars will hold either all tulips or just the baby's breath...similar to this picture.


I"m planning to bring my cruiser that is similar to this one...

I will put a basket on it and hopefully fill the basket with fresh flowers in brown paper packaging.

My friend is making some fabric bunting in blue and white.  We will bring a record player for the music, and scatter vintage picnic like pieces here and there.  Hopefully it will all come together!  At least it might make us feel a little bit closer to spring!


  1. I love all of these ideas, they will be gorgeous! I wish the idea of incorporating vintage items into wedding decor had come about when I was getting married -- I would totally have done it if I'd thought of it :)


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