Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Maybe if I write this down, I will remember it....always.  Because I need to.
This morning I went running.  Well, half running, half walking, because I just haven't been able to get my body moving like it was before vacation.  And, depression has been rearing its ugly head again.  I know there must be good reason.  I have a swirl of solutions spiraling around in my head, but the one I am trying to grab hold of is the one Jesus told me as I was walking today...

"Do the best you can, and I will make up the rest."  It's quite amazing that I heard His voice at all, because of all the "To Do's", fears and worries that were crowding my brain.  Even when I sincerely prayed for help and started telling Him my list of good things that I feel I must do, I didn't have immediate faith that He was listening... and answering.  Fortunately, I recognized His voice, because it brought me some much needed relief.

I love this painting of Him.  It is "Prince of Peace" by Liz Lemmon Swindle.  I keep it on my mantle. Right now, you can get a free 8" x 10" print for your home, as well as for a few friends or neighbors.  I just ordered some as I have many friends battling cancer.  I hope this painting will give them peace and strength, and that as they draw closer to Jesus Christ in faithful prayer, He will succor them, as I know He longs to do.

If you would like a free print...visit

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To see more of Liz's beautiful artwork visit Repartee Gallery~

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