Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Halo Repair

While I was in Utah this summer, I visited our church history museum to check out one of the latest art exhibits.  It is called "Practicing Charity: Everyday daughters of God", and is filled with inspiring paintings by many talented artists.  A couple of my favorites were "climbing mother" and "Halo Repair" by Brian Kershisnik.

"Climbing mother" reminds me of my younger sisters and friends who have little ones.  Little ones that are dependent on their mom for their needs.  It reminds me of those days when my babies were little, and there just didn't seem to be enough of me to go around.  A mom practices charity as she lovingly cares for her little ones, even when it is physically exhausting!

And, I love "Halo Repair".  It reminds me that we are imperfect children of God, needing constant adjustments to our halos.  The commentary next to the painting read...
"Angels descend from heaven to comfort this woman and to repair her halo.  This whimsically serious painting reminds us that we are not perfected yet and that our halos are in constant need of repair and adjustment.  To be human is to have the faith to remember our immeasurable individual worth and then labor each day to repent, to change, and to trust that we do not labor alone.


  1. Love the "Halo Repair' Art work, beautiful! And how true is that... Wish I was with you when you saw it for sure

  2. Beautiful paintings that I would totally hang in my house and pause at every day. So often I need reminding that mothering comes first- not a clean floor or laundry. And next time you're in Utah, let me know! I'd totally drive down to see you, my friend! It's been way too long!


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