Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Home Decorating with Scrapbook Paper~

Life is good!  I no longer feel overwhelmed, and once again, I am able to enjoy being creative. I thank God for helping me back to this point.  I did a lot of soul searching, and many amazing things have happened in the last few weeks.  I am very aware that God is involved in all of our lives, and He expects us to share the things that we have learned to help others!

Early this summer, I picked up the scrapbook paper pictured above.  It was only pennies a piece at a yard sale.  (maybe 10 cents a page!)  I loved the colors and patterns, and started dreaming up ideas to use if for other than scrapbooking.

One of the things I used it for was to line the back of the shelves in my art cabinet... but more on that later.

I first used it to line the back of my kitchen display cabinet.  I tried all different combinations of the paper, and decided to stick with just using the sweet little blue and white floral pattern in the middle shelf. (at least for now)

It's not permanent.  I just cut it to size, and rolled up a little masking tape to stick it to the back of the cabinet!  I ran out of paper to cover the right side, but fortunately the tall white milk glass vase covers my patch job. :)

Can't tell, can you?!  

Next, I decided to do the same thing with my art cabinet.  Though this time, I lined the back of all three shelves.  Sorry, bad photo.

It was hard to photograph with the glass front door, but here is a side shot of the end result...

And a few close ups with the door open.  I moved the wreath that I had hanging on the outside, to the upper shelf.  I didn't want it blocking the pretty view of what was inside!

 I even used a little of the orange paper to mount in a little gold frame.  I know it may seem odd that it doesn't have a picture or anything in it, but I wanted a pop of orange, and this was a quick fix!

See the black and white photograph?  That is of my great grandfather (in the white overcoat and hat) driving horse drawn carriage tours through Yellowstone Park!  I love it.  Most of my paint supplies are hiding in the corners of the cabinet, or in the drawer below.

Now, this was my original, super frugal idea for getting the scrapbook paper in the first place.  I thought it would be fun to cover boxes of soap with it.  I just love the look of fancy wrapped soaps.  I thought I would wrap inexpensive grocery store boxes, (and probably still will) but found a rectangular wire hand soap holder that I was about to throw away, and covered it instead!

Just wrapped her up like a present!  :)

Are you in the mood to decorate?


  1. Such great ideas Robyn! I've used it to wrap books for the shelf or dresser and to wrap gifts. Love your idea to use scrapbook paper for the back of a shelf. There are so many beautiful papers available!

  2. I love the wrapped soap idea!


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