Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kitchen update~with a coat of green paint

My kitchen walls have bothered me for quite some time.  I've always loved the idea of putting up some sort of back splash (such as white subway tile), but the layout of my kitchen has persuaded me to do something different.  Since the kitchen is on the smaller side, I felt that whatever I did on the walls above the counters, I needed to do on the walls in the nook to keep some sort of continuity.  I felt it would make the space look bigger and not so "chopped up" if I kept it the same...whatever I did.

*(Quick side note...sometimes I forget what I have shown you.  Like the white door that I freshened up with a new coat of blue paint!)

I guess I never took a close up of the "after picture", but you can see it on the right in the photo below.  I love how it turned out!  

Anyway, back to the white walls.  The other problem is that it is darker on this side of the house because of the northern exposure.  So, I didn't want to do anything too dark.  Years ago, I picked up some great embossed wallpaper at a yard sale.  I planned to Wallpaper the entire area and then paint it a bright green.  I recruited my mom to help with the wallpaper while she was visiting, but she soon learned that I didn't have enough paper so I had to scratch those plans.  On a whim, I ran to the paint store and picked up a sample of one of my favorite greens.  (SW melange green...the same as in my F.R.)  I got out a paintbrush (not even a roller!)  And slapped a coat on in about half an hour flat.  I didn't even paint below one of my little tables because I was so lazy, and it was not that noticeable.  And, it has stayed that way ever since!

What a difference it made!

 "Home Sweet Home" sign courtesy of my friend who was moving and getting ready to take it to Goodwill before I snatched it up!  I hand painted the blue flowers and vines on the white plates.  When the walls were white, I had to do something to keep them from blending in!

Someday, (hopefully soon) I will get to update the counters!  ;)  I'm thinking of quartz because I have never really liked granite.  What do you think would look good?

I have been practicing slowing down in life.  Letting go of some of my "to do" lists.  Giving my lists to God, and letting Him guide me instead.  It has taken me a long time to get here, and I can't tell you how liberating it is!  This morning I did yoga with a friend, and then learned to meditate.  Yesterday I went on a 7.5 mile hike with three friends to Sunfish pond. (A glacial lake) along the Appalachian trail.  It was absolutely breathtaking, but very rocky!

I loved the moss on the rocks.  Some of it was even mint green!

I was a little nervous about the hike because my knee was bothering me, and I had been awake since 4:30 a.m!  I have no idea why my body was ready to go at that time of morning.  I also volunteered for the first time that morning before the hike at art club at the middle school.  Their project was painting lizards on flat, smooth, rocks.  So, I was pretty excited when later that afternoon, I actually saw a lizard on a rock!  I had to snap a quick picture to show my daughter, and maybe the other students and art teacher.

The fern like foliage looked so beautiful as we rounded the bends.  The photos aren't so great, because I didn't want to keep slowing everyone down, so I couldn't really focus on perfecting the shots. :)

It was a beautiful day!


  1. What a perfect hike for a fall day. Just gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful color for a kitchen! I am slowly learning to follow God each day with how to spend my time but it is hard to let go of that to-do list!!

    1. I'm glad you like it, Rebecca! And, I agree, it IS hard to let go. So hard. But, I'm glad I'm getting a little better at it with practice, and can trust Him more! I just have to keep remembering how good those days are when I do let go. :)

  3. I REALLY like the green you chose--love the look!

    1. Yay! Marjie, I"m glad you like it! Hope you and your family are doing well!

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