Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dollar Store Gift

*update*  Here is the link to the image!

Happy November!  Since many of us are already busy creating gifts for Christmas, I wanted to share one of my favorite crafts for kids.  I found the idea at settingforfour.  Click on the link and see how to convert children's art work into a tea towel!  It is such a great, inexpensive gift idea.

I wanted to try out this idea myself.  I found the following "Grains" image online and then printed it. I placed the printout underneath a flour sack towel that I found at the Dollar Tree, and then I traced the lettering and grain with a fine tipped permanent marker.  My kids are older now, but I love the idea of using young children's artwork for the project and then gifting the towels to grandparents.

Have you found any easy, inexpensive gift ideas this season?

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