Thursday, December 4, 2014

Decorating Ideas & The Jingle Bell Shop

I am so glad I put my Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving this year.  It's funny, but it's only the 4th of December, and I feel like December has been here forever!  (In a good way). Usually the month flies by so fast that I hardly have time to enjoy it.  Not this year!  I am breathing it all in!

I can't wait to show you some of my new decorations.  But, I haven't taken pictures of them yet, so I want to share an idea with you that I made when my house was on the Christmas home tour.  I hung an old, chippy white window on the wall.  Then I strung twine across the glass and hung some of my favorite photos of my kids from Christmases past with clothespins.  They aren't the original pictures.  I just scanned them and printed them in black and white from my printer.

I was so excited when I found this bunch of greenery at the grocery store around Thanksgiving.  It was the last bunch left, and I couldn't believe it was only $5.00.  It looks like boxwood to me, and was already partially dry.  After I tried to dry my own boxwood (unsuccessfully) this summer, I felt like this was a much better option.  I'm hoping to make a wreath out of it tonight.  We'll see.  It is much drier now because I haven't paid much attention to it for over a week.  But, I figure it will last longer as a wreath if it still looks decent.

Tonight I picked up the leftover items at the elementary school from the Christmas shop that didn't sell.  Maybe the schools do it in your area?  It's where local crafters bring in their goodies for the kids to buy as presents for their families and friends.  I was pleased to have sold out of everything but a few hand warmers.  They said they are always short on gifts for dads and grandpas, so I came up with microwaveable hand warmers for them.  I picked boyish colors and fabrics that reminded me of what might be a dad's favorite dress shirt.  Sometimes I fill my hand warmers with rice, but I used wheat for these instead because I already had quite a bit of it.

Ok, this is totally random, but I picked up this papier mache deer head at Hobby Lobby for $12.00.  It was the last one left.  I thought I could do something great with it, but after I got home, I decided it was too trendy for me, and I wasn't sure I wanted to pull it out year after year.  I just thought I would share in case you are interested in one!  I know paper mache animal heads are very popular. :)

My favorite thing I made for the elementary school jingle bell shop this year was snowflake necklaces.  I think some moms are really going to like them!  I saved one for me, and put it on a tiny silver chain.  I started making them last year, so I can't even remember how I mixed up the dough like clay.  I'll have to find the recipe again.  I rolled them into little balls (probably pea sized) and flattened them with a rolling pin.  Then I poked a hole in the top with a toothpick.  Once they were dry, I spray painted them gray, and then hand painted a little white snowflake on each one.  They are all different sizes, but most of them are pretty little.  I love jewelry that is small and simple.

I also made some fleece scarves for the boys, and personalized some insulated hot drink holders.

Lastly, I thought I would share what I just did with one of my vintage pins.  I hang a desk calendar on our fridge to keep up with everyone's comings and goings.  But because I like everything to be pretty in my house, I "slip covered" it with black fabric and a ruffle!  (So, we just lift that up to write on the calendar.  It's probably not the most convenient for my family, but they're used to it!) I picked up some heavy duty magnets from Staples, and decided to hot glue one of the pins to it.  It just adds a little bit of sparkle, and I love it! :)

I hope to be back soon to share some new decorations that I made.  I hope you are able to keep things as simple as possible this season so that you can savor every moment of it!

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  1. I feel ya regarding the paper mache deer head. We decided to upcycle ours into a Harry Potter Patronus for one of the our kids. By the time they outgrow Harry Potter, the paper mache will be probably be ready to give up too.


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