Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Holiday Decorating~Home Tour

Happy Holidays!  I had so much fun decorating this year.  I upcycled some old Christmas decorations, and found new places to display others.  That always seems to freshen things up.  Last year I bought a vintage red toy truck at an antique mall after Christmas.  I had plans to put a little "fresh cut" Christmas tree in the back of it, but had to wait until this year to pick one up at the Dollar Tree.  I didn't like the mound of snow at the bottom of the tree, so I cut it off, and hot glued rolled up brown paper for a more realistic looking trunk.

I propped up a little chalkboard behind it and printed the lyrics to the carol "O Christmas Tree" to continue with the tree theme.  It makes me so happy whenever I see cars driving around town carrying their beloved Christmas trees on top.  

Since I now have a china cabinet in one corner of my piano room (see here and here) I needed to put my tree in the opposite corner this year.  It looks like this will be its home for the next several years, since I can't find any other place for it.  I am actually very pleased it worked out this way, because now I can see it from three different rooms.  Sometimes I just sit on the couch mesmerized with its beauty.

I couldn't find a good place this year for my giant redwood tree pine cones.  (The top of my armoir where they used to be, is already occupied).  Then I remembered that I don't have to keep all my decorations indoors.  So, I put them in a galvanized wash tub, and placed it on the little table on the back patio.

Remember my boxwood preserving disaster this summer?  I was disappointed it didn't work.  But, when I saw this bunch of greenery at Wegmans (grocery store) the week of Thanksgiving, I thought I would try to make a wreath with them.  It was only $5.00 for the bunch, and they were practically completely dry already!  I'm not sure if it is boxwood or not, but it looked close enough for my liking.


I cut black foam board into the shape of a doughnut, and just hot glued little bunches of it around the circle.  It is completely dry now, but I think it still looks ok.  And, if I am careful with it, I may still be able to get a few years out of it.  

I never get tired of this little wreath.  It moves around to a new place every year.

I decided to try a white, cream, and green colored theme on the top of my piano and in the entryway.  I love the combination of these soft, simple colors.

I still can't believe I picked up this red and white cross stitched runner at a yard sale one summer...

After Christmas last year, I bought a kitchen hand towel.  It was a fun Reindeer Food replica of a feed sack.  I thought it was too pretty to use, so I wrapped it around a piece of foam board, taped it down with duct tape, and stuck it in a yard sale frame.

I put fresh cranberries around a white pillar candle, and tied on a 
vintage white snowflake with baker's twine.

For a couple of years now, I have planned to put glitter on these ice skates that I had picked up at a rummage sale.  Have you seen how people have put glitter on them?  In the end, I decided I don't want to do anything too trendy, and decided to keep them as is which is probably more timeless.

I still have a couple more things to make on my list.  One is a Joy to the World burlap banner to hang in my kitchen window.  The other is to make some ornaments or something out of old black and white family photographs.  I hope you are enjoying the season!


  1. Your house is beautiful, Robyn! It is fun to see it all decorated for Christmas. I really love your tree.

  2. Wish you could bring your house with you to MT for Christmas so we could all enjoy the beautiful décor. So so homey!


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