Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DIY Family Room Makeover!


Recently, my sister in law gave her family room a complete makeover.  First, she covered her taupe walls with a fresh coat of cream paint, and then accented one wall with our favorite green paint....(Melange green by Sherwin Williams).  If it looks familiar, I can tell you why.  I have it on my accent wall in my family room as well! You have seen it in this post.  Or in this one.  Or even here!

Since it is a strong color, I recommend using it only on one wall.  I can guarantee though, that if you take the plunge, you will love it!  It looks great all year the spring, summer, accented with browns in the fall, and with red and whites in the winter.  I've enjoyed my wall for a few years now, and have no intention of repainting it anytime soon.  Besides, if you don't like it, you will only have to paint over one wall!  It is so fresh and fun, and it is particularly nice in a darker room which gets that cold northern light.  (which is why I decided to paint it in my family room)

Anyway, back to my sister in law's makeover.  She bought a new sofa and chair with a subtle beige and cream pin stripe, and accented it with black and grey floral pillows.


She added a new leather chair and ottoman, as well as two more pillows. Don't you just love the robin's egg blue ruffle pillow?


A new iron lamp with "branches" and a neutral shade (how cute is that) and some other fun accents that she moves around from different places in her house.  By the way, if you get bored of things easily like I do, try moving them to a different place in the house and they will take on new life!


I have a couple more fun things to show you that she did, but I am going to save them for another post!  If you missed the tour of her beautiful home last year, click here!

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