Friday, July 6, 2012

I sat behind Mitt Romney's

older brother Scott in church on Sunday in Michigan!  Too funny.  We were there on vacation visiting family last weekend.

During one of the church meetings they were talking about journals/family history and asked if anyone had any stories to share. Scott Romney said that no one else knew this (including his deceased mother), but that when they were kids, Scott threw a dart and it stuck in Mitt's head. Mitt went to tell on him, but before he could get to his mom, Scott pulled it out.  Mitt ran to tell his mom, Scott said he didn't do it, and Mitt's mom told Mitt not to lie. :)

Okay, now on to my RASPBERRIES!  



The foil pans worked!  I haven't witnessed any birds feasting, and we have a bounty of berries!  We even made freezer jam last night.  I am so excited.


Here is my husband watering the berries.  He said I never write about him on my blog! ;)


And look!  I have grown dill,


And pickling cucumbers.  So today we will be making our own pickles!  If you would like to try my easy pickle recipe, click here.  It is simply the best!

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