Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dollar Store Magnetic Clip Door Reminders


This is one time you might actually be glad that you don't have nice wooden doors!  The door to my garage must be metal, because I discovered I can stick magnets to it!  This gave me an idea.  Why not buy a magnetic clip to post reminders as we are headed out the door.  You know, those last minute notes to the teacher, lunch money, or anything else you don't want to forget.  So I picked one up at the dollar store.

Maybe even better yet, use it for visual reminders of quotes and sayings that you want your kids to remember and ponder as they head out the door.  (Or inspiring quotes for you!)
The one I have in this next picture is a "Mormonad" about Adversity.


Just like little chicks must break out of the egg by themselves to survive, it is a reminder to my kids that when hard things happen in life, it can make them stronger and better people.

I have a bunch of different ones, so I can switch them out whenever I want.


Here are some coupons I didn't want to forget, and a teacher's note.


By the way, since we are in this area of my house, (just off the kitchen) I think I forgot to show you what I did here during my little kitchen remodel.  I switched out the old light fixture...


With this schoolhouse pendant from Home Depot.  I think it was only around $5 or so.  I was going to use a vintage one that I picked up at a yard sale, but I didn't like the color of light it gave off.  I think the old glass had a slight bit of green or yellow tint instead of nice bright white.  Weird, I know.  Sometimes old is not as good as new replicas!  Then I painted the brass mounting black with some leftover black wall paint.


and, of course, I switched out those brass knobs!


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