Monday, November 18, 2013

"I'm coming mother!"

My grandpa on my mom's side passed away almost 13 years ago.  He was one of twelve kids.  I have lots of wonderful memories of him and his cowboy hat and boots.  Although he was a rough and tough cowboy, I saw that big heart of his get more emotional over the years, and I watched him wipe away many tears of joy over his family.  When he would see me he would give me a big hug and say, "How ya doin' Robbie." He lived a long full life, and even survived a dangerous mission assigned to him in world war II.   Last week, I found out that another one of his sisters slipped away from this world...her name was Ann, and she was 102 years old!  I think she is the third oldest child.  (I'm pretty sure she is in the front row with the bow on her collar).   Since her passing, I have been thinking more about my relatives, and the important link they are in our family chain.

Both of my grandfathers were wonderful men.  When my Dad's dad was in the army during the war, he played in the band.  I told a little bit about him in my "moon winks" post.  I still have two living grandmothers who are beautiful, strong, selfless women.

Grace's middle name is Adeline, which comes from her great great grandmother.  The picture below was taken when she was nearly 50 years old.  My dad has wonderful memories of his grandmother.  He said she worked hard every day, and everyone liked her.  She had many friends and would do secret little things to help or surprise other people. She had great faith, and always said her prayers.  Before she died, she could see her mother waiting for her in the spirit world.  She said, "I'm coming mother!"  

Dad says he knows it was a happy time for her.

I'm grateful to learn about my family history, and of those that came before me.  I hope I can teach my children of their heritage, which is why I have decided to include these pictures and snippets of their lives on my blog.  I look forward to meeting my ancestors after this life, and I am grateful for the knowledge that because of the beautiful sealing ordinance brought back to the earth through Jesus Christ, and  found today only in His sacred temples, I can be with my family forever after this life, and not "til death do we part".

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  1. Yep, Robyn, you had Aunt Ann (Tip) correctly identified.
    This post brought tears to my eyes with warm memories of loved ones.
    Thank you


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