Saturday, September 20, 2014

Oil painting #2~in progress and Yard Sale Finds

I hope it is a very long, beautiful fall.  The weather is peaceful.  The leaves haven't changed yet, though I saw one lone yellow one take the plunge the other day.  I have been soaking up life.  Taking time to breathe, and to notice the humor and joy around me.  I drove past a mother I knew, picking up her 7 yr old daughter from the bus stop.  The seven year old daughter rode ahead on her bike, and just as I passed her she nodded and smiled to the over hanging tree leaves that brushed her face, with satisfaction that they had tickled her.  Completely oblivious to anything else around her.  I looked back at her mom who was walking the dogs, and realized that the dogs were walking her instead.  It was a site to see.

I made chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  Three loaves worth, so I was able to share one with a neighbor.  It felt good.  A few days later, this mom was running behind schedule at the vet and asked me to pick up her kindergartner from the bus stop.  This new little neighbor has huge cheeks that nearly cover her cute, little grin, with enormous light blue eyes, and the blondest hair ever.  Her mom arrived just as we were walking back, but she insisted on coming home with me instead.

I took her home and she "helped" me decorate for my daughter's birthday party.  She watched as I hung the purple balloons and streamers and we talked about her class.  Then she touched and climbed on everything that brought delight to her eyes.  Like the fake pumpkins, finally declaring them not real, and then talking into their hollow bottoms to hear the sound of her voice.  I think I must have been like that once...curious and care free. Childhood must be one of God's greatest gifts to us.  I had forgotten what it was like to have little ones around for very long though, and then I was ready to send her home with a couple of the cupcakes.  I did the sprinkles.

I'm stuck on the painting.  It was coming along, and then my teacher said I need to add more paint to areas I thought were done. Which means trying to mix more of the same colors of paint.  That's a bit overwhelming right now, so I have set it aside for a while, until I am ready and want to work on it again.  It is the bridge over the Delaware river from Easton, PA to Phillipsburg, NJ.

I went to a farm to try to get pictures of cows, and scenes to paint.  I ended up with a memory card full of useless pictures, but I won't forget the looks on the cows faces...staring at me as I invaded their space.  And, it wasn't totally useless, because I stopped by a yard sale and picked up these plates. What am I to do?!  Now that my wall is complete, I have no idea how to use them.  But for 50 and 75 cents a piece, a couple of them being ironstone, I couldn't pass them up.  My wall just might have to be reconsidered at some point.  I love the little scenes in blue and white...

Tomorrow I teach the children ages 3 to 11 about honesty.  After considering it for a week, I realize there are things I want to be more honest about in my life, and with myself.  Honesty is one more way to peace and happiness.  I am grateful that God has blessed me with this opportunity to teach the children, so that He can continue teaching me!


  1. Your painting is beautiful! Don't put it aside and forget about it though, you are doing great with it.

    Can't believe how lucky you were to find those plates for such good prices.

    Hanging out with cows and little kids sounds good to me. :)

  2. I love chocolate chip pumpkin bread! That is one of my family's happy fall things.

    Those plates are a treasure & a steal! I'm sure that you'll find a good place for them.

    1. Kim, I usually make choc chip pumpkin muffins, but the bread was so much easier to make that I think I will do that instead from now on! Happy Fall!


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