Monday, October 1, 2012

Grace’s Bedroom Revealed!


*** If you didn't see the "before" pictures of Grace's room, you will want to CLICK HERE!***
Then, for more background information on her "archival library" (as well as its beginning stages), you will want to check out THIS POST!  By the way, thank you so much for your comments on the last few posts. For some reason blogger is giving me trouble, and I am unable to reply.  I hope to resolve that soon.  If not, just know that I love hearing from you even if I am unable to respond.

I can't wait to show you what I did!  For some reason, I really had neglected her room compared to the rest of the house.  Part of the reason was that I had no idea what to do in there.  It took months for the inspiration to put it all together.  This was to to be her birthday present.  The only guidelines she gave me were that it needed to be cozy, purple, and most of all~ "an archival library" with lots of encyclopedias and almanacs!  Of course, I set out to decorate it as beautifully as I could without spending too much money.  For the most part, I did.  (with the exception of a few birthday gift "splurges").

Here we go!  (I would recommend looking at all the pictures first, and then going back to read the text)


This free chalkboard frame was painted purple with leftover paint from her walls, and relocated from above her bed to the entry wall.


In the links at the beginning of the post, you will learn how I made the "faux" canopy, painted her walls purple, and scored the Shabby Chic duvet.  The shag rug came from Walmart for $79.  It received raving reviews online, and I love it!  The white bed skirt was from a thrift store, as was the vintage iron bed frame.


The small wing back chair and matching ottoman were $35 from a used furniture store.  They were teal green.  Both were in good condition, but since I don't typically buy used upholstered furniture, I cleaned and sanitized them like crazy!  Then I had my local seamstress slipcover them both for me in heavy, white, cotton twill.  I showed her a photo online of what I wanted.  She only charged $80, but I paid her $100 as I felt it was well worth it.  She is the same one who slip covered this chair for me!


I found the barrister book case at the same used furniture store as the chair for $155... which I think was a great deal, considering Pottery Barn sells similar versions for much more.  And of course, you already probably read about the thrift store encyclopedias!


We replaced the ceiling fan with a chandelier.


Both the chandelier and the mirror above bed were from yard sales~gussied up with spray paint and crystals.  More on that in my next post.


Curtain rods I have had for years.  (From JoAnns) I spray painted them black, as well as the clip rings.


The drapery fabric matched the chrome spray paint of the chandelier and oval mirror perfectly! (I unscrewed part of the chandelier and took it to JoAnn's with me to find matching fabric).  The fabric was $10 a yard-a RED tag reduced item.  It was nice and heavy, but I still had to buy some black out drapery lining to put behind it. (which I glued to the fabric with fabric glue!)  I only hemmed and finished the edges of the draperies.  I just simply folded them over to make them "look" tailored and simply clipped them onto the black rings!  So easy.  Since the house is colonial and the windows have to match up outside, they don't match up inside, so it made things a little tricky.  That is why I did something a little different on each window.


Since this house was built in the 80's, there was a gold frame around the mirrored closet doors.  I painted them black.



As I mentioned before, since I only used ONE gallon of Walmart paint for the ENTIRE bedroom, I nearly ran out of paint when it came time to paint behind the door.  The solution?  There was just enough to paint "scallops" as a border on the top of the wall, and the yard sale peg rack that I have had for ages.  Yeah, we are missing a peg!  It's probably downstairs in my junk  craft room!


I painted the grids and the facing of the window black.  The vanity was from craigslist a couple years ago.


The lavender room spray came from Walmart.  The metal bowl came from a barn sale a while back and holds dried lavender from our yard.  The hobnail vase came from a thrift store, as did the fake purple flowers.  (I pulled the flowers out of an ugly thrift store arrangement and just stuck them in the white vase.)


I put clear, plastic, privacy film from Home Depot on the bottom part of the window so that we could still have light, yet privacy at the same time.


The lamp and drum lamp shade came from two different thrift stores.  One of which was in Michigan of all places.  I seem to collect lamp parts and shades...You never know when you might need them!


I made the flowers on the lamp shade.  They took about 2 minutes each to make.  The lavender one was rolled up fabric from the v neck collar of a t shirt (you will see in my next post).  The cream roses were satin binding from an old blanket that I had and just threw away.  I saved the binding and then rolled, hot glued, rolled, hot glued to make roses.  Then I hot glued them all to a fabric ribbon that I had that was tied around a blanket I bought at TJ Maxx long ago.


I found the pillow in the basement.  I hot glued the white trim to it that came from the collar of one of Grace's blouses that she never wears.  She bought the furry blanket draped over the arm of the chair from TJ Maxx with some of her birthday money.


The mercury glass candle came from Good Will.  It is broken in the back!  It was relocated from a different part of my house.


The lavender candle came from Walmart for less than $1.00.  I already had the glass votive holder.  I had the little round frame too, but it was pink.  I spray painted it cream.  She loves dogs~especially pugs~so I found the picture of the pug on the Internet and printed it out to put in the frame.


The embossed wall paper on the table top was on a roll from a yard sale that I knew would come in handy for something someday.  (The table top was in bad condition).  The table itself came from a yard sale for around $5.00.


I found this picture of Grace as a baby on her daddy's shoulders in the basement.  To dress it up, I decided to embellish it.  The vintage rhinestone pin from a yard sale long ago was simply hot glued to the middle of the frame.  The purple "roses" are rolled up pieces from a sash from her favorite dress up dress!  It sounds sentimental, but I didn't do it on purpose.  I threw the dress away awhile ago because the zipper was broken.  I guess I saved the organza sash because I thought I might be able to do something with it sometime!



And the cream satin ruffled pillow?  A recent splurge from Pier 1.  Really, though, it was pretty reasonably priced.  I think it was 20 % off of $24.00.  Actually I bought two more green ones for my family room sofa!


Thankfully, she loves the room, and so do I.  It is really a peaceful, elegant, yet cozy space.  When she walked in, we had her candle lit, and soft music playing from her CD player.  :)  It was fun.

From this project, I  learned that in addition to color, you need to add various textures to a room to pull it together.  In my next post, I will show you some of the creative and nearly free materials I used to transform this room...  A sort of "behind the scenes" peek!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Such a pretty room and so creative! You have really great ideas. Your daughter must love it!!

  2. Absoutley beautiful! It's nice to see someone still appreciated the beautiful wood for what it is. She is one lucky lady.

  3. Robyn! So pretty and sweet for the young lady she is becoming! I loved the scallop behind the door and the wallpaper on the round table top. The lamp is super cool too. You did great, mom!

  4. Can't wait till Christmas to see in in person!

  5. Her bedroom is so charming! I bet she just adores it. Great job!


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