Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to make BIG polka dot party balloons


I love polka dots for every holiday!  Remember my polka dot trampoline banner for a summer party? Or the white fabric gift bag I made with red polka dots here for Christmas?  What about my red/white polka dot Valentine's Day pillow?  Orange polka dot napkins at Thanksgiving?  Or, black and white grosgrain ribbon around Halloween?  This gift wrap?  And what about my thrift store finds such as this navy and white polka dot number?

So, when I decorated for a recent church activity, I had to have some polka dot balloons!  The secret?  Round, white, peel and stick mailing labels!  I found mine at Hobby Lobby in their mailing section. (hundreds of them in a package for less than $2.00)  Staples had them also, but they were lots more expensive.

Simply blow up the balloons, tie them, and stick the stickers around the balloon.  If you want some really big polka dot balloons on and you don't want to spend a lot of money, stop at the Dollar Tree and pick up some punch balls!


  1. Are the polka dots only white in the mailing section at Hobby Lobby?

    1. I only saw white at my local Hobby Lobby...An office supply store might have other colors if that is what you are looking for. :)


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  3. What size round mailing labels did you use? 2 inch? 1 inch?


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