Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Countdown to Christmas Vignette #4 Kitchen/F.R.


Happy Holidays everyone!  If you are just joining us, I'm taking you on a tour of my house, so that you can see how I decorated my home for our city's Christmas home tour.  In the breakfast nook window sits a stretched canvas that I hand painted with the words Merry  Christmas.  As in other rooms in the house, I kept the peppermint theme going (see this post for a close up).  Notice the candles from the thrift store on the left, balance out the peppermints on the right.  The linen curtains on the windows are from Pottery Barn clearance from a few years ago. (I just hung them on inexpensive tension rods)  The lamp is from the thrift store, and the shade was embellished with trim like I did here.

My brass chandelier came from a yard sale long ago. (I painted it with craft paints).  I painted the pine kitchen table white.  It has lasted at least 13 years at least!  The vintage folding chairs came from a thrift store.  The little blue table to the right was given to me by a friend.  I painted it robin's egg blue, and put a crystal knob on it.  It holds this petite faux cake.


I made the centerpiece with fresh clippings from our tree and  red ornaments.  The candle and holder came from the Dollar Tree.


I picked up this little heater from a yard sale this summer.  Only cost $15!  You can buy them for around $60.  I wanted it in my kitchen, but there was no outlet.  So, my husband drilled a hole in the wall so that it could be plugged in in the corner of the room behind it!  I also wanted it to stand taller, so I put it on an old suitcase from a yard sale.  It lets off a lot of heat, but I usually just turn on the "fire" only-for the ambiance.

Again, candles and holders from yard sales/ thrift store.  Oops, forgot to turn on the "fire" and light the candles in the fireplace in the photo above.  I usually put white pillar candles in the fireplace instead of lighting a fire.  They look really pretty when I remember to light them~  So just imagine them lit, and Bing Crosby's Christmas CD playing in the background!  That is what I did the day of the tour.


Did you miss my post on my fireplace makeover?  If so, you can see what I did here.  I usually light the white votive candle in front of the painting of Jesus on the mantle.  That reminds us that He is the light of the world.


Stockings came from Pottery  Barn.  The candle holders were from a discount store long ago.  This year, I decided to paint them with my craft paints.  They were originally gold.


Tried painting them blue first, but they stuck out like a sore thumb on my mantle, so I repainted them black.


This is the view from the family room looking into the kitchen.  The black sofa slipcover came from JCPenney's.  The clock was from KMart.  The Mirror was from a yard sale, and I painted it black.  The standing lamp was from a thrift store and I spray painted it white, added a different shade, and embellished it with ruffle trim from Walmart.  The pillows are from Pier 1 Imports.  I made the "Christmas Tree Farm" sign in the kitchen.  I will show you it in detail later.  End table next to the sofa was from a yard sale that I painted white.  Basket came from a yard sale too.


In the kitchen hangs my collection of vintage aprons.  I love the Christmas one in the front.  It has shades of pink and unique. Most of them came from yard sales.  The hook was from Hobby Lobby.


Old yard sale frame hangs on the pantry wall-just painted right over the cardboard print that was inside the frame with chalkboard paint.  Details to come!


I hope you enjoyed it!  Lots more rooms to come~be back soon!

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  1. I'm loving your tour. Your kitchen looks so pretty. I adore the heater. It's perfect. I've wanted a woodstove for so long I'm thinking maybe this would be a good option to give me the feel of one.


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